6 The first login

6.6 Setting up the system defaults

With the password renewal out of the way, Jack can start to set up the company for first use. To do so, Jack selects the System \rightarrow Defaults menu item.

A more elaborate description of the parameters in this screen is provided in subsection 18.3.3. However, when setting up a new company, it’s probably good enough to fill out these parameters (and thus skip the rest):

  • Business number (e.g. Chamber of commerce number) [12345]

  • Default language [English]

  • Default accounts (Inventory, Expense, Income) [1510 Inventory / 4010 Sales / 5010 Purchases]

  • Foreign exchange result accounts (Foreign exchange gain/ loss) [4450 Gain / 5810 Loss]

  • Default country [US]

  • Templates directory [demo]

  • Currencies [USD:CAD]

  • Password Duration [180]

  • Default Email From [info@example.com]

  • Company Name [Example Inc.]

  • Company Address [215 Example street - Whereitsat]

  • Company Phone [555 836 22 55]

  • Company Fax (optional) [N/A]

Jack enters the values mentioned between the square brackets in the list above.