6 The first login

6.1 Introduction

After the company database has been created by executing the procedure described in the last chapter it is still an empty shell which needs to be populated. The correct data needs to be entered for things like bank accounts and company contact data to be used on invoices.

These steps have to be completed before LedgerSMB can be used meaningfully: these settings have to be present for many workflows. A major reason is that with LedgerSMB - as most ERP system- financial consequences of events in many workflows are directly reflected in the company’s books. Some accounting related settings have to be completed before LedgerSMB can do so.

This chapter documents the steps to create a basic usable configuration for Example Inc. It assumes that one of the default chart of accounts was selected as shown in Chapter 5 starting at page 5 or that a custom chart of accounts was imported using the instructions in Section 26.2.3 on page 26.2.3. Whatever method was chosen, this chapter assumes that a chart of accounts is available.