26 Chart of accounts

26.3 Alternative accounts (GIFI)

Next to the regular account numbering scheme, LedgerSMB supports a second numbering scheme: GIFI numbering. GIFI is a standardized account coding system used in Canada by the Canada Revenue Agency for processing corporate Tax Returns forms.

Other countries (e.g. France) may have required numbering schemes for corporate accounting as well.

If you use GIFI account numbers, each account is associated with a GIFI account. Multiple accounts may map to a single GIFI account.

Many General Ledger reports exist in two variants: a variant using the normal G/L accounts and one with the GIFI numbering scheme. In the GIFI variant, when a single GIFI has multiple accounts, the total reported under GIFI is the sum of the mapped accounts.

26.3.1 Maintaining GIFI

GIFI accounts should be created before being assigned to a standard G/L account. GIFI accounts can be maintained through the System Chart of accounts Add GIFI and List GIFI menu items. Existing accounts can be edited by selecting them from the List GIFI menu, which opens a page where individual GIFI items can have their number or description adjusted.