7.7 Receiving ordered items

Having ordered his inventory, the vendor starts shipping. There’s too much to ship at once so the vendor ships the goods in batches: every week he ships what’s available at the end of that week - he needed to order some of the products with the manufacturer.

LedgerSMB helps Jack keep track to see if he has received everything he has ordered and that he’s not receiving too much. Jack goes through the menus Shipping Receive. In the search screen, he fills the vendor name (ABC Parts) and clicks “Continue” to be listed all open orders from ABC Parts. By clicking on the order number, the “Receive Merchandise” screen opens as presented in Figure 7.8 on page 7.8. This allows Jack to handle the incoming shipment. LedgerSMB will automatically update inventory based on the amounts entered as received 22 2 To resolve problems in the inventory tracking parts of LedgerSMB (inherited from before the fork), a significant change has been implemented in 1.3.31: inventory changes won’t be recorded until invoices have been posted. .

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Figure 7.8: Order receipt entry screen