45.4 Bank statement importers

LedgerSMB comes with three bank statement importers built-in:

  • CAMT.053

    The ISO-20022 “Cash Management” message 053 (Bank-to-Customer account statement)

  • OFX

    A standard to exchange data describing financial transactions

  • CSV

    File based using Comma Separated Values (CSV)

The bank statement importer is a Perl class implementing the LedgerSMB::Reconciliation::Format role; it parses a file with bank transactions, extracting the fields expected by the bank reconciliation procedure:

  • amount

    The amount involved in the transaction; negative if the bank reports a credit amount, positive when it’s a debit

  • date

    The date on which the amount contributed to the bank account balance

  • source

    An identifier by which the bank identifies the transaction; to be used for matching with the “Source” field in the bank ledger

  • type

    Information clarifying the transaction; e.g. Cash, ACH, etc.

The CSV parser has many options to accommodate the tremendous variance that can be observed in CSV files. When using a custom bank reconciliation procedure or when the bank makes a more exotic format available, customization of the bank statement importer may be necessary.