42.2 Single receipts or payments

LedgerSMB provides two ways to process receipts (and payments). One for single transactions, the other for batches. The next section discusses the steps to do batch processing.

To record an amount received from a customer as an invoice payment, go through the menus Cash Receipt and fill out the search criteria to find the customer from whom the payment has been received. After clicking “Continue” the application lists all matching customers.

Remark The customers listed may not have open invoices. The list only serves to select the customer the user is looking for. To find customers with outstanding balances, please refer to Section 41.4.1 on page 41.4.1.

After selecting a customer, the cash entry screen as depicted in ¡figure reference¿ is shown. This screen looks the same for single receipts or payments. This screen consists of three parts. The upper block lists customer details on the left and transaction details on the right. The middle block lists any (partially) unpaid invoices. The lower block handles over payments.

Note that the cash transaction amount isn’t being entered explicitly in this screen: the total is shown on the right of last line above the buttons.

The receipt entry screen can be used to register payment of any outstanding invoices. This is the normal scenario. However, if there are no outstanding invoices, or the amount paid is too high, the transaction should be (partially) recorded as over payment. Over payments can be used to pay off invoices at a later date.

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