Chapter 2 Reasons to use LedgerSMB

Jack finds several tools which suit his requirements to some extent or another. After evaluation of his options he decides to use LedgerSMB for the following reasons:

  • Centralized data storage

  • Actively developed

  • Development team with security focus

  • Access to the application requires only a web browser

  • Integrated sales, shipping, invoicing, purchasing and accounting

  • Open source solution, so no vendor lock in

  • The roadmap appeals to him, because it has web services payrolling on it

  • There are multiple vendors offering commercial support, including hosted options

  • The developers envision building a platform out of it: creating the building blocks required to build a company on

  • Own your own data

  • Freedom to change

    • Support organization

    • Developer (organization)

    • Data storage provider

    • Application service provider