32 Inventory management

32.2 Receiving

Reception of goods into inventory assumes having at least one saved and incomplete purchase order such as shown in Figure 32.1 on page 32.1 stored in the system.

Figure 32.1: Saved purchase order

The reception process starts by going through the menu to the “Receive” order lookup screen (Shipping \rightarrow Receive). This will show the order search screen which will help finding any orders which have items available for reception, see Figure 32.2 on page 32.2.

Figure 32.2: Search screen for purchase order item receipts

After filling order selection criteria and hitting the “Continue” button (or doing so immediately to see all orders with outstanding items in the system), the system will return a listing of orders with matching the selection criteria as in Figure 32.3 on page 32.3.

Figure 32.3: Search results screen for purchase order item receipts

Upon selection of one of the orders by clicking the order number the next screen is loaded as shown in Figure 32.4 on page 32.4. In this screen you can enter the amounts received in the current lot. The entered data is to be confirmed with the “Done” button. After confirmation of the receipt screen, items will be added to inventory.

Figure 32.4: Purchase order receipt screen

LedgerSMB supports warehouse management on the Receipt screen by offering the ability to print a “Bin List”. This list contains the bin (storage) locations configured for each part.