7 Building up stock

7.3 Defining part groups

As Jack continues to enter more parts into the system, he wonders how he’s going to look up the parts efficiently later on. Returning his reading to Section 25.1.1 on page 25.1.1, he understands that ’part groups’ are the solution to that problem.

He decides to create the part groups by navigating to:

Goods and Services Add Group.

For each group in the list below Jack enters the group name and clicks Save after each one:

Field Value
Group Storage
Group Monitors
Group Input devices
Group Printers

After creating these part groups, the “Group” drop down appears on the parts entry screen, allowing him to assign each of his parts to one of these groups.

Since he doesn’t expect to be running more than one or two types of CPUs, he decides not to create a separate group for those and leaves these two parts unassigned.