35 Quotations from Vendors and for Customers

35.1 Creating Quotations and RFQs

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Figure 35.1: RFQ entry screen

Remark Note that the RFQ entry screen contains prices; this is misleading at least: the printed output to be sent to the vendor does not. The fact that this screen allows entry of prices could be considered a bug.

The listing below describes the meaning of the per RFQ fields presented in the screen.

Vendor (Customer)

Name of the company the quotation is requested from (issued to)


Currency for the intended transaction

Shipping point

Address to ship to ???

Ship via

Shipping method ???

RFQ number

The number of the document (automatically generated when left empty)

Quotation date

Date the document is issued

Required by

Date of the intended delivery of the goods and services requested ???


Notes to be included on the printed RFQ document sent to the vendor

Internal notes

Notes to be kept internal to the company - not disclosed through the RFQ document

The following per item fields are listed.


Order number of the item


Part number of the item to be ordered


Description or name of the item to be ordered


The number of items to be ordered


The unit in which the quantity is measured; e.g. ’each’ or ’6pack’


Number of items currently on hand (i.e. in stock)


Item price


Discount percentage rate


Item price after discount


Stocking unit - code used to track stock

Required by

Required date of delivery; can be used to specify a different date than the date in the header


Item specific remarks


(Not shown in the screen shot) Part group for the item

Note that the quotation entry screen offers a number of extra buttons after the data has been saved.