38 Sales and vendor invoice handling

38.6 Handling invoice disputes

When an invoice has been sent to a customer it could happen that the customer disagrees with the invoice due to incorrect amounts, discounts, products, etc.

Depending on whether the customer has already paid the invoice there are several options to handle this situation:

@@@ AR Invoices have nothing to do with it! They parallel AR Transactions!!

Credit invoices

The customer has not paid the invoice yet

Credit notes

The customer has paid the invoice and allows offsetting against other (possibly future) invoices

AR vouchers

The customer has paid the invoice and demands repayment

Note that the naming in the listing above applies to AR items but could equally apply to AP items by replacing the word “Credit” by “Debit” and “AR” by “AP”.

38.6.1 Credit and debit invoices

@@@ produce an accounting document to exchange with the customer/vendor

@@@ restock credited parts

@@@ reverse taxes

38.6.2 Credit and debit notes

@@@ generic transaction, not related to orders, inventory or anything else

@@@ amount taken out of an income account, which is to be selected

@@@ i.e. based on the account on which the original income was posted.

38.6.3 AR and AP Vouchers

@@@ like a credit note or debit note, meant to initiate

@@@ a repayment to the customer

@@@ exists as a batch workflow only – to support separation of duties